ArchEX (Arch Linux) “Mini” with LXQt 1.3, all Arch Linux installation scripts, Calamares, Yay, VirtualBox Guest Additions and kernel 6.4.3 (latest) :: Build 230719

NEWS ABOUT ArchEX 230719
I’ve made a new extra “Mini” version of ArchEX. It has four advantages compared with ArchEX Build 220905.

A) This ArchEX build is smaller. The ISO file is “only” of 2330 MB compered with Build 220905 which is of 4010 MB. This is of importance since ArchEX can run very fast live from RAM. So your computer needs lesser RAM to run Build 230719. Should be enough with 2 GB. NOTE: I was hoping to make the ISO file even smaller, but that was impossible since the Calamares Installer and Yay has a lot of dependencies.

B) ArchEX Build 230719 has all Arch Linux original installation scripts, which means that you can use this build to install Arch Linux “the Arch way” following the Installation Guide. Or you can just follow my example here. You can have my instructions up in Firefox while installing as this screenshot shows. When installing from Arch Linux official live DVD you’ll have to do it in console mode. (Could be tricky).

C) If you install Arch Linux (or ArchEX using Calamares) in VirtualBox or Qemu you can do it in full screen. VirtualBox Guest Additions are pre-installed in ArchEX Build 230719 (and in Build 220905). Watch this screenshot. In Qemu you can just choose the screen resolution you want.

D) ArchEX Build 230719 uses kernel 6.4.3 (latest) and has support for more wireless cards. Kernel modules ath10k and wl are loaded also when running ArchEX live, which obviously means a lot.

NOTE 1: To find out wich “WiFi module” you need you can run the command lspci. Then unload and load the kernel module in question. Example: sudo modprobe -r ath10k_pci followed by sudo modprobe ath10k_pci. Watch this screenshot…

NOTE 2: When running ArchEX logged in as the normal user exton you can use Sudo to run applications which need root privileges. Example command: sudo gparted. One exception: To be able to run the file manager PCManFM-qt as root you’ll have to use the command sudo dbus-launch pcmanfm-qt.

Study all installed packages in Build 230719…


1. ArchEX Mini Desktop for user exton
2. ArchEX Mini Desktop for root
3. ArchEX Mini installing LibreOffice while running live
4. Installing Arch Linux the Arch way
5. Showing a Samba connection

Watch a YouTube video about ArchEX…

The video is called  ArchEX Linux : Deepin Desktop with ARCH Linux! It is not made by me.

This version has been removed from the server 240106.

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